Prof. Dr. Syed Mohsin Naveed

Administrator, HOTA

4th September 2007 is a milestone in the history of Pakistan. Years back an Ordinance titled, “Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance 2007” was promulgated. Majority of the people of this country welcomed this move, which brought Pakistan into a comity of nations where human dignity is prized and valued.

The Government of Pakistan and Human Organ Transplant Authority (HOTA) are committed to bring to an end the illegal trade and restore the dignity of human life. I do not say this, but figures speak for themselves. In 2006 it was reported that approximately 2000 kidneys transplants were performed, out of which 1500 were foreigners. Now no foreigner is being provided kidney from our poor country men.


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Transplant Permission Granted

The office of HOTA have granted more than 4000 transplants NOC’s since 2010.

Years of Inception

Preventing illegal Transplantations in Pakistan for more than 10 years.

Public Sector Hospitals

Number of hospitals registered with HOTA, Islamabad

Private Sector Hospitals

Number of hospitals registered with HOTA, Islamabad

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Liver Transplant

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Humaira Azhar

Kidney Transplant

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Nasir Shafiq

Bone Marrow

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Thursday, August 31, 2017