Achivements of HOTA

A total of 44 hospital/medical institutes have been accorded recognition to perform transplant operations (22 in public Sector, 22 in private sector). HOTA is regulating following organs transplants

  1. Kidney
  2. Liver
  3. Bone Marrow
  4. Cornea
  5. Heart

Total number of 4033 kidney transplants have been performed in about six years period (5 Sept 2007 to 28 August, 2013). In 2247 cases the donors were male, whereas in 1786 cases the donors were female i.e. 55.72% male donors and 44.28% female donors. 3729 were Live Related Donors (LRD) and 300 were Live Unrelated Donors (Cases in which there was no eligible/fit/compatible donor within the Close/Non Close Blood Relatives) and 04 cases of deceased Donors.

Breakdown of the Kidney Transplants performed in the country is as follows:

  1. Sindh 2218 (SIUT= 2185)
  2. Punjab 1768
  3. NWFP 46
  4. Balochistan 01

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