Message by Administrator HOTA

4th September 2007 is a milestone in the history of Pakistan. Years back an Ordinance titled, “Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Ordinance 2007” was promulgated. Majority of the people of this country welcomed this move, which brought Pakistan into a comity of nations where human dignity is prized and valued.

The Government of Pakistan and Human Organ Transplant Authority (HOTA) are committed to bring to an end the illegal trade and restore the dignity of human life. I do not say this, but figures speak for themselves. In 2006 it was reported that approximately 2000 kidneys transplants were performed, out of which 1500 were foreigners. Now no foreigner is being provided kidney from our poor country men.

Human Organs Transplant Authority (HOTA) is primarily working to regulate the authority laws for the welfare and facilitating with the health care approaches mainly involving the human organ transplantations in Private/Public sector across Pakistan. The young energetic team of HOTA works with Great Spirit and enthusiasm from dawn to dusk to promote the healthcare facilities and eliminate the entire bias elements.

Rules & Regulations are in place for Cadaveric donation and Cadaveric Organs transplant by the Government of Pakistan, HOTA has made big disciplinary changes in the field of Organ Transplantation of human beings.

By promoting and providing advanced healthcare facilities to all the transplant Units HOTA has made a remarkable increase in the number of registered Transplant Units which are capable and updated by all means to perform successful Transplantation. HOTA is introducing new and advanced technologies all over the Pakistan by collaboration and affiliation with different transplant and research centers in various countries all over the world.

We warmly welcome all the hospitals and Transplant Units throughout Pakistan for Facilitation/Guidance regarding Transplantation of human organs to improve the general health condition of patients and thus minimize the morbidity and mortality rate across Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Syed Mohsin Naveed

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