The Federal Human Organ Transplant Authority is committed to work against the menace of organ trade. The Federal HOTA has recently taken following steps / actions.

  1. Federal HOTA has issued an Advisory letter to foreign office regarding provision of a mandatory certificate by foreigners visiting Pakistan that they are not having renal failure and are not on hemodialysis and their stay in Pakistan will not involve any illegal activity such as seeking a donor for organ trade.
  2. Federal HOTA has created the public awareness by sponsoring the FIRST NATIONAL TRANSPLANT CONFERENCE ON DECEASED DONOR PROGRAM which was held from JANUARY 11-13, 2013. Public awareness is being created by conferences and media involvement.
  3. Federal HOTA has formulated rules and regulations including consent forms regarding deceased donor program in Pakistan. These are published in the Gazette of Pakistan. This will provide an alternative choice to live organ donation.
  4. Federal HOTA is soon launching its dynamic, broad based and independent website supporting National Organ Sharing Network, Organ Procurement Organization and National Database / registry for recipients and donors.
  5. Federal HOTA has formally approved the creation of Headquarters of NOSN and OPO Secretariat in HOTA office.
  6. To check the fake identity (of foreigners and donors), the federal HOTA has applied for CNIC VERISYS (Computerized National Identification Cards verification system).
  7. Federal HOTA is planning to establish a Central HOTA Laboratory to avoid fake blood and serum reports deposited by unfit donors. The HLA tissue typing and cross match facility may be provided centrally.
  8. Federal HOTA has established a “Monitoring and Enforcement Cell” to monitor the transplant activities. HOTA surveillance teams are being established for regular strict inspection of transplant centers and doctors.
  9. Federal HOTA has issued a circular to nation wide transplant centers to provide certificates, the details of which include:
    • Certificate that Hospitals and the concerned doctors are not involved in any form directly or indirectly in violating the provision of transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Act, 2010.
    • Certificate that Hospitals and the concerned doctors are not exploiting the vulnerable segment of society financially in bad condition by indulging into sale / purchase of Human Organs by luring them into selling of their organs.
    • Certificate that Hospitals and the concerned doctors are not indulging in the nefarious act of organ trade violative of provisions of transplantation of human organs and tissues act, 2010 and are not running the business of exploiting the poor and needy into selling their organs against petty amounts.
    • Certificate that no donation of organs / tissues by Pakistani citizen has been permitted to any citizen of any other country in the hospital / institution.
  10. Federal HOTA is planning to establish a media cell for proper awareness of public.
  11. Federal HOTA is planning to establish a legal section for proper legal prosecutions of culprits.
  12. Federal HOTA is planning to establish HOTA TRUST for the welfare of poor patients.

In view of all of the above, it is clearly evident that the federal HOTA is committed to effective implementation / enforcement of the law prohibiting the sale and trade of the human organs in Pakistan.


A total of 44 hospital/medical institutes have been accorded recognition to perform transplant operations (22 in public Sector, 22 in private sector). HOTA is regulating following organs transplants

  1. Kidney
  2. Liver
  3. Bone Marrow
  4. Cornea
  5. Heart

Total number of 4033 kidney transplants have been performed in about six years period (5 Sept 2007 to 28 August, 2013). In 2247 cases the donors were male, whereas in 1786 cases the donors were female i.e. 55.72% male donors and 44.28% female donors. 3729 were Live Related Donors (LRD) and 300 were Live Unrelated Donors (Cases in which there was no eligible/fit/compatible donor within the Close/Non Close Blood Relatives) and 04 cases of deceased Donors.

Breakdown of the Kidney Transplants performed in the country is as follows:

  1. Sindh 2218 (SIUT= 2185)
  2. Punjab 1768
  3. NWFP 46
  4. Balochistan 01